Indie Game Launch Task List

The amount of effort it takes to get the word out about your indie game cannot be over stated. The process of engaging the public in your work as you develop your game leading towards the launch date is sometimes referred to as your “Indie Game Campaign”.

RoadDust Resources

RoadDust resources are intended to guide you through the journey that is your indie game campaign. There are many elements that can be included in an indie game campaign not all of which are required. The task lists are meant to guide you and inspire you throughout your journey.

Task List

  • Build your website
  • Register your game on indie game sites
  • Engage in social media
  • Reach out to YouTubers
  • Contact journalists
  • More at

Please feel free to leave comments regarding any available tool that you may be aware of which can help people bring awareness to their indie game.


Indie Game Release Resources

As you develop your indie game, you need to start planning your advertising strategy. As an indie developer, you do not have access to the advertising budget of the big game companies if you have any budget at all.

Do not despair, it is possible to advertise your game for free reaching a large number of people. You will just need to be resourceful and use all the great free tools the internet provides for you.

Luckily, has gathered and documented a comprehensive and actionable list of steps to release an indie game. guides you through the tasks of developing your website, building your social media presence, reaching out to you tubers, web journalists and more!